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Alexandra Powers (Chris Noel)

24. března 2007 v 15:16 | dps.girl |  Chris Noel(Alexandra Powers)
Her first role came in the TV film The Day After. She also had a small role in Mask (with Eric Stoltz, not Jim Carrey) and the TV series L.A. Law and 21 Jump Street. After DPS she starred in The Seventh Coin opposite Peter O'Toole and had small roles in The Player and Rising Sun. In 1994 she played Tonya Harding in the TV movie Tonya & Nancy: The Inside Story. Recent roles have been in Bruce Willis' Last Man Standing, the Walter Matthau / Jack Lemmon comedy Out to Sea, and the tv movie Storm.

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1 evicka evicka | 2. ledna 2008 v 17:02

je to super stranka

2 dps.girl dps.girl | 14. ledna 2008 v 16:15


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