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DPS: Final Script 1

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A young boy, dressed in a school uniform and cap, fidgets as his mother
adjusts his tie.

Now remember, keep your shoulders back.

A student opens up a case and removes a set of bagpipes. The young
boy and his brother line up for a photograph

Okay, put your arm around your brother.
That's it. And breathe in.

The young boy blinks as the flash goes off.

Okay, one more.

An old man lights a single candle. A teacher goes over the old
man's duties.

Now just to review, you're going to
follow along the procession until you
get to the headmaster. At that point
he will indicate to you to light the
candles of the boys.

All right boys, let's settle down.

The various boys, including NEIL, KNOX, and CAMERON, line up holding
banners. Ahead of them is the old man, followed by the boy with the
bagpipes with the two youngest boys at the front.

Banners up.

The boys hoist the banners and the bagpipes begin to play loudly. The
small group marches out of the room and down a set of stairs into a
church. The pews are filled with students and parents while the
teachers, all dressed in robes, are seated at the front of the church
behind the headmaster.

The boys break off to either side at the front of the church. The
bagpipes cease and the headmaster, MR. NOLAN, walks over to the old
man carrying the candle.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, the light
of knowledge.

An organ begins to play as the old man goes forward with shaking hands
to the young boys in the front pew. Each boy is holding a candle and
he bends over to light the first one. Each boy in turn lights the
candle of the boy next to him.

One hundred years ago, in 1859, 41 boys sat in this
room and were asked the same question that greets
you at the start of each semester. Gentlemen, what
are the four pillars?

All throughout the pews, uniformed boys rise to their feet. TODD, who
is not wearing a uniform, is urged by his father to stand with them.

Tradition, honor, discipline, excellence.

The boys quickly return to their seats.

In her first year, Welton Academy graduated five
students. Last year we graduated fifty-one. And
more than seventy-five percent of those went on to
the Ivy League. This, this kind of accomplishment is
the result of fervent dedication to the principles taught
here. This is why you parents have been sending us
your sons. This is why we are the best preparatory
school in the United States.

Mr. Nolan soaks up the applause from the audience.

As you know, our beloved Mr. Portius of the English
department retired last term. You will have the
opportunity later to meet his replacement, Mr. John
Keating, himself a graduate of this school. And who,
for the past several years, has been teaching at the
highly regarded Chester School in London.

The crowd applauds once again.

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